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Greetings! I am Park Ki Choon, CEO of Aeon Korea!

We are currently living in a world that is, in many different ways, quite detrimental to our health. The main reason is the rapid industrialization which has many negative effects such as environmental pollution of land and water, the everyday stress of living in the modern world, as well as a diet that is unhealthy. Due to these factors, there is a rise in free oxygen radicals and a lack of minerals in our bodies leading to an unhealthy overall body constitution.

There is a need to balance our bodies with the original and natural state of the water of our earth – Alkaline Water!

1. Contains no pollutants or hazardous materials
2. There is a plentiful balance of minerals
3. Water with plenty of oxygen
4. Soft Water (as opposed to hard water)
5. Water with a pH level that is safe for everybody from infants to the elderly
     (pH level 7.5 – 9.2)
6. Small water molecule clusters (better absorption)
7. Possible to remove free oxygen radicals
8. Prevents oxidization (can keep fresh longer)

In order to meet all the conditions above I have been, and will continue to, research and developing a superior product for the last 20 years that will provide water with all these properties
An alkaline compound has been successfully developed with the use of minerals and alkaline earth metals that is able to alkalize water and meet all the requirements and conditions above.    

(Material Name: GC58 – Alkaline Compound / TYPE: Aeon – A / B / C / D )

▷ Patent Number: 10-1393158
(Alkaline Water Generator Material and Product )
Electronic Mineral Water Ionizer producing acidic and alkaline water technology

▷ Patent Number: 10-0769568

(Kaolin Diaphragm uses in Electronic Mineral Water Ionizer)

Worldwide PCT Patent and Patent by Country

The following patented products have been developed to meet all the conditions and provide all the benefits of the original and natural state of the water of our earth

  • 1. Product: Material used for Production
    GC58 – Alkaline Compound
  • 2. Product: Alkaline Water Bottle
  • 3. Product: Alkaline Water Bottle (for Pets)
    Alkaline Generator for Pets
  • 4. Product: E/C usage Electrolyzed Water Generator
       (Eco-Friendly Method)

  • 5. Product: Cosmetic Mist Sprayer
    Facial Mist Sprayer
  • 6. Product: Nabitol
    Rust Prevention and Remover
Aeon Korea products are being exported worldwide to countries such as
Sweden, the U.S., Italy, the U.K., Spain, Australia, Canada, China, Japan and S.E. Asia among others.

Aeon Korea

takes pride in providing water solutions to aid in the improvement of health for all who live in the modern world. We strive to provide health and happiness to all while taking on full responsibility and steadfast effort in order to utilize our technology and deliver superb products. Thank you.