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Benefits of the Portable Alkaline Water Bottle: PH9 Generator

The PH9 Generator is an alkaline water bottle made with the GC-58 Alkaline
Compound which has high stiffness, impact resistance, chemical resistance,
strain immunity traits and low thermal sealing strength. (The product will not
deform even when water at 100 degrees Celsius is put into the bottle)

Inside the alkaline water bottle, there are no additional filters, sticks, or devices
that react with the water placed inside to alkalize it. All of the alkalizing mater
ials are in the actual makeup of the bottle itself.(Patent Number: 10-1393158)

​The product utilizes the patented GC-58 Alkaline Compound within the mater
ial of the bottle which in turn reacts with the water placed inside the bottle.
This gives the PH9 Generator the ability to alkalize water, and also maintain fr
eshness of other drinkable liquids placed inside, without the use of additional
filters or devices. Also, this makes it very convenient for the user to clean and
rinse the bottle. There are many convenient features of the PH9 Generator to
the everyday user for everyday use.

The PH9 Generator is the first alkaline water bottle of its kind that
does not have any additional filters, sticks, or devices and is registe
red and certified as follows:

ㆍUSFDA Registered Product    
ㆍRegistered as a Medical Device by the Korean Food and Drug

  • (1) The PH9 Generator is the first alkaline water bottle of its kind that does not have any additional filters, sticks, or devices that
         alkalizes the water placed inside which makes it very convenient to clean and portable for everyday use.
  • (2) More important that the intake amount of minerals into our body is the actual amount that is absorbed by our bodies!

         The amount of minerals that are absorbed into our bodies is more important and in order for this to occur, the minerals have
         to be fully reduced and dissolved into the water we drink. Only minerals that are fully dissolved will be able to enter our cells
         and be fully absorbed. Even if minerals are introduced into regular water, only a partial amount will be fully dissolved. Even if
         it is dissolved into a colloidal form that cannot be seen by the naked eye, the minerals cannot pass through the cellular memb
         rane. The only way minerals can move freely through cellular membranes is in the form of a single molecule or in an ionized
         state. This is why the minerals our bodies need have be plentiful in the water we drink.

          The amount of minerals our bodies can absorb is largely dependent of the Mineral Balance of the water we drink.

         Vegetables and fruits contain minerals in the form of metallic minerals and colloidal minerals. Our bodies can absorb less than
         20% of metallic minerals from fruits and vegetables.
    When these same fruit and vegetable extracts are placed into the PH9 G
    , the minerals become ionized form and the absorption percentage jumps to above 80% which is much healthier for
         our bodies.

         Other alkaline water generators on the market that contain additional filters, sticks, or devices to alkalize the water cannot acc
         ommodate liquids other than water such as juices, milk and other beverages making then inconvenient to use. The PH9 Gene
         rator allows the user the convenience to place any beverage, as well as edibles, inside the bottle the user pleases because ther
         e are no additional devices. The PH9 Generator provides the added benefit of alkalization as well as the increased absorption
         of minerals for healthier bodies. Also, the water molecules will be broken down into smaller clusters which in turn allows for
         better absorption as well as a smoother sensation while drinking the beverage. Also, any beverage placed inside the PH9 Gen
         erator will remain fresher for a longer period of time so it is great to take on leisure activities such as hiking, travelling, sports,
         as well as just everyday life.

  • (3) Considering using potable water with a starting pH level of around 7.0, in an allotted amount of time the PH9 Generator will
        raise the pH level between 8.0 – 9.0 creating alkaline water that is safe for children, elderly, and middle-aged people to drink.
Principles of the Alkaline Water Generating System

In the natural world, there are materials that come into a chemical reaction with water to generate hydrogen and alkalize the water. These mate
rials are called alkaline earth metals and are effective and have a high level of reaction in generating alkaline water. These alkaline earth metals
are in an unstable state and easily release electrons. The fact that they can easily release electrons means that they can easily become acidic and
the electrons will reduce other materials. When the alkaline earth metals come into contact with water, one molecule of the alkaline earth metal
and two molecules of water will react and the alkaline earth metal will not be isolated and a hydration alkaline earth metal will be formed and a
portion of the electrons released by the alkaline earth metals will be hydrogen gas and the rest will be left in the water. Hydration alkaline earth
metal will be ionized and an OH- ion will be formed, and the alkaline earth metal will be oxidized and the water will be reduced. This increase in
OH- ions will raise the level of the pH thus creating alkaline water.

Big Water Molecule Clusters
(Regular Water at 125 HZ)  
Small Water Molecule Clusters
(Alkaline Water at 65 HZ)

Among 70 odd minerals, 22 are necessary for healthy bodily function. Among these the minerals that the body needs small amounts of are
just as important for overall health
and the body reacts just as sensitively
to them.

Conditions of Alkaline Water
  • Contains no pollutants or hazardous materials
  • Water with plenty of oxygen
  • pH level between 7 -14
  • Possible to remove free oxygen radicals
  • There is a plentiful balance of minerals
  • Soft Water (as opposed to hard water)
  • Small water molecule clusters (better absorption)
  • Prevents oxidization (can keep fresh longer)

There are many types of water consumed by people, but if one chooses to drink alkaline water, it is a way to improve
overall health.

Characteristics of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is referred to as mysterious, water of life, miracle water, and the last present given to man by God.
It is water with plenty of active hydrogen and calcium among other minerals that will stabilize and maintain a healthy body.

  • Active hydrogen will remove free oxygen radicals that is the cause of many diseases and will in turn protect the DNA of cells.
  • Plentiful amounts of active hydrogen will reverse oxidation and will balance the blood and overall body constitution.
  • Small and active clusters will absorb deep into even the smallest of blood vessels and remove acidic waste from the body.
  • The reduction process will increase mineral absorption above 20% helping enzyme effectiveness.
  • Will neutralize toxins and will help necessary bacteria in the intestines.
  • It will not filter and remove all materials from the water producing lifeless water. On the contrary it will produce water that is alive.
  • It will help the body’s immune system to fight off diseases and illness.
  • Pathogens cannot be present, and there are no hazardous substances.
Functionality and Effectiveness of Alkaline Water
  • Removes free oxygen radicals and protects the DNA within cells.
  • Removes cholesterol
  • Disinfects for prevention of skin disease
  • Helps with chronic diarrhea, indigestion, hyper acidic stomach, and abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation
  • Helps with post workout recovery because the smaller water clusters absorb more readily into the body.
  • Diet
  • Atopic Skin
  • Improved Overall
    Body Constitution
  • Post Workout
Benefits and Aid: Indigestion, Excessive Stomach Acid, Constipation, and Hangovers.
PH9 Generator Directions of Use

Portable Alkaline water Bottle
PH9 Generator Directions of Use

  • Fill PH9 Generator with water or beverage
    (juice, coffee, milk, etc.) and shake for 1 minute before use.
  • PH9 Generator is the world’s first portable alkaline water bottle that does not require any additional devices or filters.  The material of the bottle itself has alkalizing properties and will raise the pH level of the water that is put into the Generator
  • It does not matter how much water you put in the bottle. Any amount of water that is placed inside will become alkaline between the pH levels of 8.0 – 9.0.
    (PH9 Generator Volume: 700mL)
  • It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • To lead a healthy and beautiful life, use the PH9 Generator for everyday use.

PH9 Health Index that Changes Your Body