Story of the Alkaline Water Bottle
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What is the Alkaline Water Generator?

01   Principles of the Alkaline Water Generator

In the natural world, there are materials that come into a chemical reaction with water to generate hydrogen and alkalize the water.
These materials are called alkaline earth metals and are effective and have a high level of reaction in generating alkaline water. These
alkaline earth metals are in an unstable state and easily release electrons. The fact that they can easily release electrons means that
they can easily become acidic and the electrons will reduce other materials. When the alkaline earth metals come into contact with
water, one molecule of the alkaline earth metal and two molecules of water will react and the alkaline earth metal will not be isolate
d and a hydration alkaline earth metal will be formed and a portion of the electrons released by the alkaline earth metals will be hyd
rogen gas and the rest will be left in the water. Hydration alkaline earth metal will be ionized and an OH- ion will be formed, and the
alkaline earth metal will be oxidized and the water will be reduced. This increase in OH- ions will raise the level of the pH thus creatin
g alkaline water.

02   Conditions of Alkaline Water

  • Contains no pollutants or hazardous materials
  • Water with plenty of oxygen
  • pH level between 7 -14
  • Possible to remove free oxygen radicals
  • There is a plentiful balance of minerals
  • Soft Water (as opposed to hard water)
  • Small water molecule clusters (better absorption)
  • Prevents oxidization (can keep fresh longer)
There are many types of water consumed by people, but if one chooses to drink alkaline water, it is a way to improve overall health.

03   Characteristics of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is referred to as mysterious, water of life, miracle water, and the last present given to man by God. It is water with plenty of active hydrogen and calcium among other minerals that will stabilize and maintain a healthy body.

  • Active hydrogen will remove free oxygen radicals that is the cause of many diseases and will in turn protect the DNA of cells.
  • Plentiful amounts of active hydrogen will reverse oxidation and will balance the blood and overall body constitution.
  • Small and active clusters will absorb deep into even the smallest of blood vessels and remove acidic waste from the body.
  • The reduction process will increase mineral absorption above 20% helping enzyme effectiveness.
  • Will neutralize toxins and will help necessary bacteria in the intestines.
  • It will not filter and remove all materials from the water producing lifeless water. On the contrary it will produce water that is alive.
  • It will help the body’s immune system to fight off diseases and illness.
  • Pathogens cannot be present, and there are no hazardous substances.

04   Functionality and Effectiveness of Alkaline Water

  • Removes free oxygen radicals and protects the DNA within cells.
  • Removes cholesterol
  • Disinfects for prevention of skin disease
  • Helps with chronic diarrhea, indigestion, hyper acidic stomach, and abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation
  • Helps with post workout recovery because the smaller water clusters absorb more readily into the body.

05   What are Free Oxygen Radicals?

If oxygen, which is required by all living organisms in the natural world, loses electron in the body or is in an unstable state, it is called
a free oxygen radical. In this unstable state, due to strong oxidizing power and high reactivity the free oxygen radical seeks active hy
drogen. If at this point there is no active hydrogen in the body, the free oxygen radical binds with enzymes created by cells and dama
ges DNA and protein and forms harmful wastes, ages the body, and can even lead to disease and death. 90% of free oxygen radical
s are formed from consuming animal meats and instant food which of course are bad for your body. They are also a result of 2~3%
of oxygen breathed in, stress, pollution, alcohol consumption, smoking, excessive exercise, radioactive waves, X-Rays, UV Rays, fear,
anxiety, infection, shock among others. It can be seen that 90% of adult diseases originate from the presence of free oxygen radicals
in the body.

06   What is Reductive Potential?

It is stating the potential or power to return to its original state. If you look at rusted metal you say it is oxidized, and once the
rust is gone you can view it as having returned to its original state. The same concept can be applied to viewing the reaction
inside our bodies.

What are the results of alkaline water clinical trials?

Alkaline water generation has been practiced for some time now by developed countries such as Japan, the U.S., and Canada for
water among other beverages. Also within Korea there has been much collaborated research and development dedicated to the functionality and safety of this technology.

Professor Shirahata says:

“The safety of alkaline water generation is confirmed, and various testing has led to the conclusion it lowers cholesterol
and neutral fats leading to obesity suppression, improved diabetes, relieved muscle pain, among other benefits.”

Chairman of the Republic of Korea Association of Water Administration, Professor Lee Kyu Jae says:
“Alkaline water, which has over 80 years history in Japan and 30 years history in Korea, is the most effective of all the
functional types of water. It not only improves enteric disease, it removes free oxygen radicals, improves diabetes, and
is confirmed to aid in other diseases.”

The 2009 Korea – China – Japan Functional Mathematics Convention

The consistent consumption of alkaline water after drinking alcohol will aid in a faster recovery as the alcohol will be
expelled from the body at a faster rate.

In the blood and lymph of a typical adult there is about 40 liters of water that is circulated about 5 – 7 times a day. Water has many
functions in the body such as digestion, nutrient absorption, waste secretion, temperature control among others. Due to the import
ance of water, the quality and type of water consumed being good cannot be stressed enough. On top of this, we live in a world wh
ere it is very easy to have an acidic body so it is even more important that we all start drinking alkaline water. To your health!