Alkaline Water – Aids with Various Diseases
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Alkaline Water – Aids with Various Diseases, Let’s Maintain our Healthy Life!

01 Alkaline Water Cleans the Blood

Eating lots of animal proteins and fats, a lack of exercise, and stress all can lead to an acidic state where red blood cells lose their
flexibility and small blood vessels can get clogged not to mention the increase in free radical oxygen. Drinking alkaline water can
increase blood circulation, loosen red blood cells, and purify the blood.

02 Diabete

Acidic waste build up in the pancreas and poor circulation to that area is the main cause for diabetes. The weakening function of
the pancreas leads to the improper production of insulin and causes this disease. With the consistent consumption of alkaline wa
ter, the blood will be purified and wastes will be removed more readily from the body. In the MBC TV Program, " Live Giving water,"
patients who consistently were given alkaline water had better results with their diabetes than patients that were given insulin sho
ts everyday.

03 High Blood Pressure

When solidified acidic waste within blood vessels impede flow and narrow the vessels, there is a decrease in oxygen and nutrients
provided to the body which leads to the production of more blood and in turn high blood pressure. Alkaline water will neutralize
these solidified acidic wastes and proper blood pressure will result. On the other hand, when solidified acidic wastes leaches calc
ium from the muscles of the heart, the lack of calcium ions can lead to low blood pressure. Alkaline water has plenty of calcium
ions so it can also be helpful in countering low blood pressure as well.

04 Cancer

When acidic waste builds up within the body, the cells in that area can start to die. Another effect can be that the cells in that area
start to change genetically and this is exactly what can lead to cancer. The reason cancer can return is that the body remains in an
acidic state and the roots of the cancer cells are still present. When alkaline water is consumed, active hydrogen combines with fr
ee radical oxygen cleaning the blood and discharging wastes from the body thus preventing and curing this disease.

05 Obesity

Obesity results when the high consumption of carbohydrates and fats cannot be metabolized by the body and turns it into fat whi
ch accumulates on the stomach, buttocks, lower body, chest among other parts of the body. Drinking alkaline water can break do
wn and clean the acidic fats which is something that has been practiced for a long time in Japan.

06 Constipation, Chronic Diarrhea

When food material first enters the large intestine, it is in a form similar to porridge. The amount of moisture that is extracted at
this stage is what determines whether or not constipation or diarrhea will result. Drinking alkaline water will provide the right am
ount of minerals which will result in the normal amount of moisture to be taken at this stage leading to regular digestion.
Also, alkaline water can lower the viscosity of the blood which prevents constipation. Alkaline water has an important function in
digestion preventing both constipation and chronic diarrhea.

07 Osteoporosis, Gout

When the blood is in an acidic state, the body will leach calcium from the teeth and bones making them weak and eventually lead
ing to osteoporosis. Calcium supplements that are taken to combat this actually have the adverse effect of combining with acidic
metabolites and solidifying causing infection in the kidneys or urethra. When uric acid is trapped within joints, severe pain and go
ut can result. Blood is not easily circulate to the joints so acidic waste buildup can occur more easily in that area. Small water clust
ers of alkaline water can reach deep into these areas providing relief. Also, plentiful minerals such as calcium and magnesium in al
kaline water can aid in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

08 Heart Failure, Anemia

The blood is the transit system which provides the cells of the body with nutrients and oxygen and removes wastes from the body.
The heart, which pumps and moves the blood, loses calcium due the an increased acidic state which can lead to diseases. Anemia
is caused by the lack of iron and an improper production of red blood cells. Plentiful calcium and iron in alkaline water can help w
ith this condition.

09 Drinkable Cosmetic

Cosmetic products that can be applied to remove wrinkles have an effect that does not last because the wastes that are under the
skin are still present. By consistently drinking alkaline water, these wastes will be removed along with free oxygen radicals aiding
in skin care.

10 Drowsiness after Meals

When food that is digested in the stomach passes to the intestines, stomach acid makes it very acidic and the pancreas produces
caustic soda which neutralizes the food. At this point in order to make caustic soda, the pancreas makes hydrochloric acid which
leaches into the blood and this is the cause of drowsiness after a meal. Hydrochloric acid being introduced into the blood stream
is what causes the drowsiness. One glass of alkaline water can combat this.

11 Atopy

Japanese Doctor, Niwa Yukie, states that free oxygen radicals are the cause of atopy skin disease. Upon testing the blood of a
patient with this disease, he found that there was a higher than normal amount of unsaturated fatty acid. Unsaturated fatty ac
id and free oxygen radicals change into lipoperoxide resulting in drying out the skin and inability to retain moisture leading to sk
in diseases such as atopy. Drinking alkaline water will reduce the amount of free oxygen radicals thus preventing such diseases.

        The Difference between Alkaline Water and Medicine

If a patient with high blood pressure drinks alkaline water for only a little while and stops, like taking medicine, the acidic wastes
will build back up resulting in the recurrence of the disease. Due to the fact that there can be a certain area with a lot of acidic
waste buildup, the body will try to get rid of this first so alkaline water may not have an immediate effect in treating the high bl
ood pressure condition. Drinking alkaline water will guarantee that acidic waste buildup, wherever it is in the body, is being targ
eted. We do not know exactly where, but our bodies know where the aid of alkaline water is needed most.

This is the Fundamental Difference between Alkaline Water and Medicine

Professor Shirabadake of Japan’s Kyushu University Graduate School (Genetic Resources Engineering) states that alkaline water
removes free oxygen radicals, a root cause for many diseases, from the body. Free oxygen radicals result when an O2 Oxygen
molecule loses or has too many electrons. Around 2% of oxygen breathed in will turn to free oxygen radicals. On one hand, free
oxygen radicals aid in sterilizing the body, but also have an adverse effect of damaging cells leading to aging and diseases such
as cancer, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure.

Professor Shirabadake installed a free oxygen radical producer, ‘Superoxide,’ and introduced alkaline water to see if the free oxy
gen radicals were removed. It was noted that active hydrogen combined with the free oxygen radicals to produce water thus cla
iming that alkaline water was an antioxidant. His test results were submitted to the B.B.R.C. and was well received. In the early
1990’s, clinical trials were performed in Korea as well.

While practicing at Seoul University Hospital, Professor Wan Gyu Choi (Former Seoul University Professor, Current Samsung Hos
pital Doctor) performed an experiment for 4 weeks on 8 patients with constipation noting the time duration of digestion along
with the number of bowel movements while taking alkaline water. 6 of the 8 patients saw a clear increase in the number of bo
wel movements and a definite reduction in constipation symptoms. He also tested it on 34 people with no constipation and the
se people saw no significant change.