The Story of Water
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What is Water?

All living things on this planet need water to maintain life.

There are plenty of elements within water such as Ca, Mg, Na, Ci, S, and P. A person can last a few weeks without food, but without wate
r there is no proper metabolism or waste removal which results in the poisoning of the body and the loss of life after about 1 week. Water
holds many vital functions within the body such as nutrient delivery and waste removal so it is crucial that a sufficient amount of water be
consumed daily. 70% of the body, 94% of blood, and 85% of the brain consists of water. 3.5% of minerals that make up the body have
a chemical reaction and acts as a catalyst. Without these chemical reactions of the minerals, life cannot be maintained.
What is the Role Water?

01    What is Water? - It can be viewed as life itself.

  • Water provides all electronic energy of the brain. (Minerals: Zn, Nu, K, Ca…)
  • Water makes up 94% of the blood and removes wastes from the body in the form of urine and sweat.
  • Water is continually trying to enter the cells via osmotic pressure and acts as a kind of pump pushing K into the cells and taking
    Na out of the cells maintaining the water pressure of the cells.
  • Water needs to be present in order for the necessary chemical reactions of the body to take place.
  • Water carries all necessary nutrients to the cells. Without water these nutrients cannot be delivered.
  • Water is necessary for proper metabolism of the body. Without water, proper metabolism will not take place and waste materials
    cannot be removed from the body.
  • Without water, enzymes and catalysts cannot exist.
  • Water removes acid from within the cells and keeps it alkaline within.
  • A sufficient amount of water needs to be present within the body at all times. DNA within the nucleus of cells is alkaline and
    reacts immediately to an acidic environment. Water removes the acidic wastes from the body in the form of urine.

02    When the Balance of Water is Disrupted in the Body!! !!

The loss of amino acids which are in charge of all nervous system delivery will cause definite damage. Due to this fact, the plen
tiful maintenance of water within the body is critical to a healthy nervous system. Water is necessary for all electronic and mag
netic energy production within the body needed for a healthy life.

03     Water is Life! Water Makeup of the Body…

  • 94% of the blood is water.
  • 85% of the brain is water.
  • 75% of the body is water
  • 70% of a newborn’s growth is water.
  • 60% of an adult is water.
  • 55% of a woman is water.
  • Between 55%~40% of an elderly individual is water.

What type of water is best for the body? The type of water which is most similar to the water that makes up the body.

04     Water of the Body

Over 70% of the body is made up of water. This is why it can be viewed that water is the source of life. Currently, when
addressing sick patients the most common solution is to treat through medication or surgery. It is necessary to understand how
much importance water holds when it comes to one’s health.

  • ㆍ94% of the blood is water. Our bodies are kept alive by the vital nutrients that the blood delivers to all parts of the body.
  • ㆍEnzymes within the body use the energy created by the reaction of breaking down carbon dioxide and water.
  • ㆍNecessary reactions cannot take place without the 35% of all minerals that are relevant to the body. The result is the
        weakening of cells which can lead to various diseases.

05   The Best Type of Water for our Bodies!

  • Clusters – Penetrating depth of cells and effect of water on exercise.
  • Minerals – Chemical reaction of body is enzymes, catalyst for protein creation.
  • pH – In order for proper cell functionality, the pH level must be correct.
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential – Oxidative free oxygen radicals metabolized.

      Water that addresses these 4 points in a positive way are good for the body, will aid in anti-aging and lead to an overall
       healthy life.

06   Comparison of Various Types of Water.

Rain Water 119Hz
Spring Water 122Hz
Mineral Water 94Hz
Well Water 105Hz
Tap Water 117Hz ~ 128Hz
Hot Spring Water 79Hz
Alkaline Reduced & Electrolytic Water 65Hz
Osaka Water Purifier 53.2Hz
Magnetic Iron Capstone (Immersion) 85.0Hz
Stone Plate (Immersion) 97.0Hz
Far Infrared Radiation 89.0Hz
Distilled Water 118Hz
Serum 142Hz
☆ Compare the HZ of the different types of water above!

Cluster size and HZ? This is referring to the size of the water molecule clusters. The smaller the water clusters, the more easily
it can be absorbed into our bodies. It is a healthy practice to drink about 2 liters of alkaline water each day.